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Book 5 of the Aspen Notch Mystery Series

Sue and Alan return to the Alpine Holiday Lodge where they meet up with Jayla Williams, headlining in the lodge’s patriotic show. Surprisingly, they learn that Alan’s estranged daughter, Judy, is the event planner. During the power outage, Judy is found in shock, covered in blood, claiming she has no memory of how her husband died. Reeling from that, the lodge’s owners discover the hacking of their security system after numerous guests report items missing from their rooms. Is the thievery connected with the murder? Can Sue unravel the intertwining threads to solve the mystery?



Book 4 of the Aspen Notch Mystery Series

Sue comforts garden club member, Ruth, after her nephew dies in a tragic accident that seriously injures four other high school band members. While paying her respects, Sue notices oil paintings by the same person as those she purchases at Trinkets and Treasures, only to learn that Ruth’s fiancé, missing for 40 years, is the artist. When Sue discovers that the actual location of the landscapes lies above an abandoned coal mine, she finds the missing piece of the puzzle, but then her granddaughter goes missing.



Book 3 of the Aspen Notch Mystery Series

Sue’s daughter and granddaughter come to Aspen Notch for a long-overdue visit. Prior to their arrival, a strong summer storm strands a young man and his son. Sue and Alan offer their assistance, only to learn that Ryan’s parents died in an Aspen Notch botched robbery 24 years ago. The cameo necklace that Alexa and Jessica buy for Sue at Trinkets and Treasures becomes the key for solving the cold case mystery.




Garden Shop Ebook

Book 2 of the Aspen Notch Mystery Series

Sue’s plan to use the historic log cabin on her property as a garden shop has locals excited. Unfortunately, mischief and vandalism escalate in her first week of business. Sue’s husband, police chief Alan Jaworski, is convinced that the incidents are childish pranks until he finds her unconscious in the shop. Sue believes that someone is trying to force her to close Butterflies and Blooms. But why?




Book 1 of the Aspen Notch Mystery Series

Sue and Alan fell in love while solving a murder mystery in No Gifts to Bring. Now married, they’ve moved to a small town in the Poconos. Alan becomes the police chief in Aspen Notch, while Sue finds a dead body, inherits an unruly puppy, and receives a death threat. Murder in Aspen Notch is the first book of the Aspen Notch Mystery Series.




No Gift To Bring Ebook Thumb


No Gifts to Bring is an endearing story of love and hope, intertwined with an engaging whodunnit. A young child with disabilities, a flamboyant singer, a handsome traveler, and an irritating private detective open Sue’s heart to the magic of Christmas.

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Specter of Truth Ebook Sml


A poignant U.S. historical fiction novel set in 1818.

Lizzie Mitchell, rural farm girl, learns the importance of friendship and love, as she steps beyond the boundaries for women to become a teacher at the French Creek Boarding School for Girls.




Poustinia ebook thumb

A heartwarming debut novel, the first book of the Poustinia series.

Victoria books a week’s stay at a poustinia–a cabin in the woods at a monastery–to discern her future. She learns that it is only when we open ourselves to others that we discover inner harmony.

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Joyful Encounters Ebook thumb


Book 2 of the Poustinia series.

Vicki and the Sisters unearth a secret that was hidden in the basement of the monastery. Willard J. and Hildegarde Smithfield were generous benefactors when they bequeathed their estate, but not all was above the law.



Bountiful Legacies Ebook Thumb


Book 3 of the Poustinia series

Vicki becomes immersed in the history of the couple who bequeathed their estate to the Sisters of St. Carmella. Explore the challenges of a German immigrant during WWI and experience the ravages of the 1918 influenza.




Springer Spaniel Ebook Sml


Living With a Springer Spaniel is a poignant real-life tale of what I learned when I opened my heart and home to Pete.