Kathleen is an educator, an author, and a registered dietitian. During her professional career, she taught and mentored students of all ages, through grade school, high school, and college. She also served as a university administrator at three colleges.

Kathleen’s writing genre of women’s fiction is meant to be uplifting, with a focus on women of all ages who are strong, generous, compassionate, and capable. Her characters and settings are drawn from memories of people she has met, and places she has experienced…

Did You Know?

  • I’m one of six children. Dad was a career Air Force officer/pilot who served in three wars (WW2, Korea, and Viet Nam) and flew KC-97 refueling planes during peace time. (Can you imagine linking up with another plane at 500 mph to pump fuel in mid-air?) Mom was a good balance, making our home full of warmth and comfort.
  • I have lived in Pennsylvania, Maryland, Texas, Illinois, Japan, Massachusetts, New York, Great Britain, Virginia, Connecticut, and Kentucky. That’s lots of fodder for my stories as places I’ve experienced.
  • I taught in a boys’ boarding school for five years. It was in an old mansion with a vintage bowling alley in the basement, like in the Poustinia series. It did not have a hidden bootleg operation, as far as we knew. The experience made it easy for me to imagine Victoria at the monastery and Lizzie at the French Creek Boarding School for Girls.
  • I have always loved to read. As a child, I’d hide a book in the bathroom so I could escape when it was time to wash the supper dishes. My favorite genre was historical fiction. I’ve now learned that it takes a lot of research to write a historic novel.
  • I shared my home with a springer spaniel for 12 years. Pete went to doggie heaven in March, 2017. I still miss that mutt. I recently updated my book of Pete and what I learned about raising a springer, finally writing that dreaded last chapter. Pete’s story, and all of my books, are available on Amazon.
  • I’m a breast cancer survivor. And a melanoma survivor. The diagnoses were frightening, as were the surgery, radiation, and chemo. Having lost my mother to breast cancer made it all the more scary. But mom’s example is one of the reasons I like my women characters to be strong, generous, and compassionate.

Interview with AllAuthor:

Kathleen McKee latest interview by AllAuthor Kathleen McKee has the gift to make ordinary characters come to life. Kathleen’s stories always make for a pleasant afternoon of book reading. She has always enjoyed reading, especially mysteries and historical fiction. Her first writing goal is to entertain readers with quality stories that are uplifting and enjoyable. Read full interview…


Fun With My Books

Every so often I play around with little ditties about my books. Here’s one for A Specter of Truth. It shows the actual buildings which were the inspiration for my story about Lizzie Mitchell.  A Specter of Truth

Who doesn’t like a cozy mystery–especially if it’s also a Christmas story? Check out my little trailer for No Gifts to Bring.

Take a moment or two to watch the video that inspired the title of No Gifts to Bring. We may think we have nothing to offer others. But think again. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VBa9lumh27U

In Joyful Encounters, the vintage bowling alley in the basement of the monastery unlocks the secret of the couple who bequeathed their mansion to the Sisters. Joyful Encounters

In Book 4 of the Aspen Notch Mystery Series, Sue’s granddaughter shows her the trail by the creek, only to learn that an artist using that location to paint landscapes went missing 40 years ago. Could it connect to Jessica’s disappearance? Below the Landscape