Maggie 4.11.19

This little bundle of fur was born on March 10, 2019. I brought her home on May 6, just after she was 8 weeks old, and named her Lady Margaret of Kimberton.

I like to think that Pete chose Maggie’s name because his very first and special friend was called Maggie. That pal, a Brittany Spaniel, took Pete under her wings and taught him how to be such a faithful, loving companion.

My Maggie is an active and adventurous Springer Spaniel who makes me laugh with her hilarious antics. I know you’ll enjoy watching her grow and thrive in her new home. You can read about my decision-making process at


Even before she arrived, Maggie enjoyed exploring her surroundings. She came from a litter of 8 pups, and had lots of socialization with the breeder’s children and her siblings. Mama Cleopatra taught her the skills she’d need to be on her own. Maggie didn’t like leaving any of them, but she’s settling in nicely.


Maggie 5.11.19


Who wouldn’t adore little Miss Curiosity? This is Maggie checking out the coffee table. Of course I had to move everything out of reach. With the size of those paws, she’ll be growing by leaps and bounds.






Maggie and Kim 5.11.19


Pictures make Maggie look very large, but she’s just a tiny baby at 8 weeks of age. To gain perspective, here’s my niece, Kim, holding Maggie two days ago. Don’t you just want to cuddle?


Running Maggie 5.11.19






Eight weeks old and a bundle of energy, feisty Maggie loves to run. I think there’s even a hint of a smile. The trick is to get her tuckered out enough to take a nap





Maggie and Ranger


Maggie’s cousins from Texas visited us the other day. Now 11 pounds, Maggie didn’t fear 120-pound Ranger. In fact, she thought Ranger was cute.





Maggie has a little tuft of white hair on her back that arranges itself in various positions. It caught my attention the other night because it looked like a fleur de lis. Joan of Arc had a fleur de lis on her banner for God’s blessing. Seems like a sign to me.



Maggie and Barney 5.27.19

Maggie has a boyfriend! Barney’s a sweet Havanese who Maggie likes to visit each day. It won’t be long before Maggie towers over him. But, for now, they love chasing each other around the patio.





Maggie and hole


Uh-oh. Maggie’s a digger. I think she knows she’s guilty, don’t you agree? Most times she’s digging for tree roots and a cool spot to lie in, though maybe she’s planning her escape.






With Maggie’s adventurous spirit, I’d better get used to a mess. She has now claimed the new patio loveseat as her own. I was hoping for a couch-potato springer, but not quite like this.




Maggie and bed

Aww, Maggie. Really? You tore open your new bed and pulled out the stuffing? 

Even after duct-taping the entire back of the bed, Maggie figured out how to reach the stuffing. Smarty pants. Bed went in the trash.






After a quick shower, I came out of the bathroom to see that Maggie found an entire skein of yarn. It was unraveled from one end of the bedroom to the other.

So much for puppy-proofing. Maggie can find anything, even on a top shelf. And yes, she was angry with me for throwing it in the trash.



Maggie swimming 1 6.27.19


Maggie loves water. At 4 months of age, we went to the doggie pool. She was a natural swimmer.





Maggie and pool

Since Maggie loved swimming, I got her a pool. The pup who jumps in the shower with me and had such a delightful time at the doggie pool wouldn’t step foot into her own pool, not even to retrieve her toy. 





Maggie and Barney 8.10.19


At five months of age, Maggie is 3 times the size of her best friend, Barney.  They kiss and rub noses between running around the patio. It’s actually sweet to see how gentle Maggie is when she plays with Barney.




Sweet Pea and Maggie Maggie has another neighborhood friend. Here she is with Sweet Pea, who gives her a run for her money. They’re both tuckered out after a play date on the patio.






Poor Maggie 9.4.19

Poor Maggie. She had her spay surgery as she turned 6 months of age. The vet said she shouldn’t run or jump for two weeks. How do you keep a springer spaniel from springing to the chairs or bed?





Maggie walking Sweet Pea

It didn’t take long for Maggie to overpower Sweet Pea. Grabbing the leash, Maggie took Sweet Pea for a walk on the patio. And Sweet Pea let her do it!









Maggie and me 9.28.19


Here’s Maggie and me, saying farewell to a friend. At only 6 months of age, Maggie thinks she’s “a people.” She absolutely loves people and other doggies.







Maggie Fall 2019

Maggie’s definitely got hunter genes. At 8 months, she loves her walks sniffing for squirrels and birds. Notice her muddy belly and legs. If there’s a mud-hole, she’ll find it.






Maggie in front of fireplace


Maggie hasn’t yet experienced her first winter. Now 8 months old, I wondered how she’d react to a fire in the fireplace. She sniffed it, no doubt sensing the heat, then made herself comfy at a safe distance. We’ll be fine on a cold winter’s night.




Maggie 8 months old

I never thought I’d see the day that Maggie would just settle next to me on the sofa. At 8 months of age, she’ll even watch the TV with her head on the pillow. That was a surprise to me. Pete hated the TV. Maggie’s definitely different from my first springer spaniel.




Maggie 9 months


At nine months of age, Maggie’s getting her chest mane and feathering on the back of her arms and legs. She’s smart, very smart. Don’t you wonder what she’s saying with her eyes?





Maggie and Kim 1.4.20

Now 10 months of age, Maggie’s a big girl. She loved posing with Kim again. The same scene as above when she was a tiny baby at only 2 months of age, but older and wiser now.






Hunter doggie 2.1.20


At 11 months of age, Maggie continues to sniff out squirrels and birds with amazing prowess. Doesn’t she look cute in her pink sweater?





Maggie at Waggie Tails 2.5.20


Who can resist that lovable smile? Maggie’s mane and feathering are growing. She loves being told that she’s pretty, but won’t let me brush those unruly ears.





Maggie and trainer 2.11.20

Maggie was enthralled with her new trainer. Notice the eye contact and total engagement as she responded with a nice “sit.” When I ask her to sit, she stares back with an expression that says, “I don’t feel like sitting right now.”  We’re working on that.




Cookie Monster

Maggie has some beautiful springer markings. I don’t know about you, but I can see the Cookie Monster over’s Maggie’s left shoulder.






Birthday Maggie 3.10.20

March 10, 2020. It’s such a special day for my sweet Maggie. It’s her birthday and she’s now 1 year old. Little Maggie has come a long way as we both learned to adjust to each other’s quirks. She’s such a love-bug!







Goofy Maggie 3.10.20

Goofy Maggie didn’t like her birthday scarf.  I couldn’t help laughing about the blindfold she created. Of course, I had to take a photo before helping her remove it.






Happy 3rd Birthday, Maggie!

March 10, 2022





Here’s Maggie, decked out in her Eagles scarf for the SuperBowl. Notice how she positions herself under the bird feeder. Maggie looks innocent, but she’s actually very focused. If a bird is brave enough to attempt getting food, she suddenly lunges for it–and SCORE!  February 12, 2023