Beginnings and Endings


I have been a teacher for 48 years. That’s a long time! It makes me an old bird. A weathered old bird. Maybe a wise owl. That’s a nicer way of looking at it.

I remember the beginning as if it were yesterday. Wet behind the ears, welcoming 45 first graders, I was as fearful as they were on that first day of class.

The ending was yesterday, when I hung up my hat and said farewell to a long career in the classroom. It wasn’t an easy decision to retire, but I knew it was time. Not because I’m an old bird who lost touch with a new generation of students. Given their feedback, they still think I’m “awesome.” Rather, I wanted to devote my time to writing my stories. It’s much more fun than grading papers.

So, here I am, now officially a retired old bird, crafting new beginnings and honing endings. Just as with a stop sign, I need to reflect and look both ways. Watch that my way is clear as I merge with other authors who have the luxury of writing full-time.

My newest book, No Gifts to Bring, is a cozy holiday murder mystery. Readers are telling me that they loved it. Especially the ending. And I re-wrote that ending at least 5 times.

I don’t know what my ending as a writer will be like, but I’m excited about the beginning. There will probably be plenty of re-writes as I hone my craft and continue to learn how to market and find readers. The thought of it all fills me with delight.

“To every season, there is a time and a purpose…”

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