Metaphors, Similes, and Senses–Oh, my!

InspectorI’m envious. Green with envy. Searching for words that elude me, like a python slithering away in an African savanna. Metaphors, similes, and senses–oh, my! Figures of speech and imagery should be easy to craft. But they’re not. At least not if they’re used in a way that doesn’t seem contrived.

I’m currently reading a book that has magnificent similes and colorful descriptions that seem to come easily to the author. It’s why I’m envious.

Here’s one: “[The idea] came to him like an invisible breeze stirring the sand on
a deserted beach.” (Servant of Memory)

And another: “…was drawn to the paintings and their artistic elegance like a hummingbird to a succulent geranium in full bloom.” (Servant of Memory)

These quotes by Richard Gradner in Servant of Memory are only two of a myriad that have captured my heart. The story has touched me, as well. And so, this reading is a learning experience for me.

For those who know me, you’re aware that I’m trying to hone my skills as a storyteller. I’ve come a long way since “Charlie ate a piece of pie.” But I’m not there yet. Not until I can paint a masterpiece with my words. Not until my readers can feel every emotion, envision every sight, and listen to every sound that I hear within a scene. I’m a work in progress. A green work in progress.





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