My Writing Process

Every writer has his or her unique style, process, and speed. For me, I have the general idea for a story, the conflict for the main character, and how it will end, all told in first person because I can immerse myself in a scene.

My mind doesn’t awaken fully until I’ve had a few mugs of tea and eaten breakfast, so I check email and social media in the morning, then head to my work-in-progress which I write in Word. With the read-aloud function, I re-read what I wrote the day before, and pick it up from there.

I’m not a fast writer because I edit as I go along, so I may only write 500 to 1000 words a day—but I write every day, including weekends, which is why Maggie finds me quite boring.

Her time, though, begins at four o’clock, so I save what I’ve written and we go outside. We walk after supper and, occasionally if she takes herself to bed, I’ll write a little more before I call it a night.

For the last several years, I’ve published three books a year, yet I’m behind schedule due to two surgeries this summer. I may still accomplish my self-imposed goal—or maybe not, because I’m also reliant on my editor, beta readers, and cover designer, and they have their own schedules.

I’m in awe of those who can publish a book a month, but I don’t need to put myself under that kind of stress. For me, writing is uplifting, especially when readers find my stories so enjoyable. That’s all I ask.

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