What Life is All About

“Is it good enough?” I ask myself constantly. I have a tendency to second-guess most decisions, especially when I’m not sure of the outcomes. Sometimes I need external validation, such as someone telling me that I made the right choice. Other times, I close my eyes and leap into the unknown, hoping for the best.

As an author, I cautiously await the return of my manuscript from my editor, the reactions of beta-readers to my latest story, the book cover my designer created, and… reviews of my books. Of course, the last is the scariest. All the while, I try to improve what I’ve written before beginning the entire process again.

Occasionally, while I wait, I’ve gone back to my previously-published books. I’m not sure that’s a worthwhile task to do while waiting because I end up revising. Perhaps it’s a reflection of my insecurity, or maybe a sign of my growth. Regardless, in every single case, I feel a sense of pride. I absolutely love the story!

I suppose, in the end, that’s the important part. No story will strike all readers in the same way, but if writers don’t fall in love with their own characters or what their imaginations have crafted, there’s something wrong.

As I gear up to begin my next cozy mystery, I know–in my heart–that I’m on the right path. The journey is an adventure in itself, even if I’m not sure of the outcome. That’s what life is all about.

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